Warehouse & Distribution

For today logistics industry, warehouse acts as an important role.

Security, safety, good environment and supervision are the prime standard to maintain high quality service. So, we are mainly concern about the environment and infrastructure of warehouse and distribution centre.
Our warehouse is equipped with 24-hour CCTV security system, air conditioning, dehumidifier and inventory management system, which helps assure proper storage, maintenance and protection of clients’ inventory. We are capable to provide a comprehensive range of services, ranging from receiving of goods, cargo consolidation, de-consolidation, order processing, sorting, pick and pack, labeling, storage and distribution etc.
Pick and pack
We can arrange pick up service for goods to our warehouse and provide packing by suitable materials to ensure the goods are well protected. Labels on the packing enable efficient sorting and redistribution, so that the right goods can be distributed to the right recipients.
Third-party Logistics (3PL)
Third-party logistics perform an integration of critical logistics operations, warehousing and distribution, and transportation services for the purpose of delivering a cost effective, streamlined and efficient supply chain program to our clients. We scale, customize and constantly optimize our programs for each client based on a number of customer specific factors which may include: budgetary guidelines, total supply chain velocity such as raw materials movements through the stocking of finished goods, end customer delivery requirements and reverse logistics.
Milestone has 5.5 tons and 16 tons trucks for delivery appointments every day within intervals. Thus, we could deliver the cargoes to any land bound location in Hong Kong efficiently. On the other hand, our transportation team always set up delivery appointment to avoid any delay. We also provide border trucking and drayage services cover LCL and FCL shipments between China and Hong Kong.



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